about SJORS

Let’s start with a few short facts to introduce myself:
Name: Sjors
Breed: Standard wirehaired dachshund
Date of birth: 9 January 2020
Weight: +- 10 kg

Those were some short facts about myself. Now I will tell you more about my daily life. I was born in Lekkerkerk and live now with my humans in Steenbergen (NL), a town between Rotterdam and Antwerp. When I was 5 months old I had a lifesaving operation. All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe anymore and my humans rushed me to the vet. I had a birth defect, my diaphragm was ruptured. The operation saved my life and that’s the reason I enjoy each day to the fullest.

I love my daily walkies, especially when we go to the forest or an open field. I’m an expert in destroying toys. Giving some good advice everyday makes me one of the best dog therapists. My favorite way to sleep is on my back. After a good night’s rest, I usually start each day with some yoga stretches. I’m great at cuddling and showing affection. I love to explore new places and go on adventures, this is what made me such a social dog. I could eat all day, so I use my cuteness to score some extra treats.

If you want to know more about me, you can contact me! I’m looking forward to working together!

Follow me @sjors.thedachshund


ALength – from the centre of the breastbone along the side of the dog to the base of the tail



Neck – around the neck where the collar goes.



Chest/Girth – around the deepest part of the rib cage.


DWaist – around the narrowest part of the body in front of the back legs



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