about beertje


I am Beer, in August 2014 I came to my forever home. My start was messy, I was born on June 12 and I am from Hungary, had a long journey behind before I got a princess life.
I am very happy when we go for a walk, but not when it rains. I stay indoors when it rains. I like good food, a real sweetheart.
I am a sun worshiper and try to catch every ray.
Swimming is not really my thing, but running is fantastic. I used to want to explore the neighborhood but nowadays I like to stay with my staff. I don’t run away, but I can’t resist the scent traces of a rabbit or deer.
I am a cannon dachshund but in my head I am much bigger. I am also not afraid, I am the best alarm system one could wish for.
I have had instagram for a year and a half and my group of friends is still growing. And I am very happy with that. Friends all over the world. So you see, what a kaninchenteckel can be great at.


ALength – from the centre of the breastbone along the side of the dog to the base of the tail



Neck – around the neck where the collar goes.


CChest/Girth – around the deepest part of the rib cage.

DWaist – around the narrowest part of the body in front of the back legs



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